Moving of car from one place to another place is not an easy task. It is difficult task, and moreover it is full of risks. Even a slight mistake will cause damage to your darling car. But with the help of moving of car has become much easier, cost effective and risk free. We transport cars by special covered car traillers to all over India and World Wide with door to door service. It is done by trailors & containerised trucks specially designed for the safe carriage of cars.

Car Carrier Services AAKASH INTERNATIONAL CARGO is one of the leading market players in car carrier services. We understand that having someone transport your car is not a simple affair - your car is not only an expensive vehicle but it's also a part of your family.

Our car carrier services ensure that relocation of your car is is done securely and reliably protected from start to finish. As a premier company, we assure that once your car in our transport, it doesn't get off until it reaches its destination. There is no loading and reloading at big consolidation centres, which means a minimum risk of damages while transporting your car.

Transportation Services We cater to all your transportation needs, providing you door-to-door car transportation services. We provide car transportation services in all the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. We always see to the safety and security of your cargo. Commitment Our commitment as a Car Carrier company is one simple philosophy, that we look at your cars as our personal car. This philosophy has helped us to create a number of satisfied customers. Before the proceeding, customers are briefed about the procedure of transportation and concern of the owners. With the help of our especially designed car trailers and containerized trucks, we transport cars all over India offering door-to-door services.